About Us

GudBuilt is a privately owned family specialising in Construction development and Civil Construction or more specifically 'Excavation'.

Who We Are

It is one of many companies owned by the group within the Industry. With a strong foundation. GudBuilt Civil is backed by its sister company Endeavour Ceilings which has been around for 25+ years providing its services to tier one builders across Australia.
The two business lines now have extensive resources in all aspects of construction, as well as the expertise and resources in civil works. The in-house Machinery and operations enables tight control over projects and the ability to meet tight deadlines.
The founders have now decided to expand their footprint in the Construction Industry adding the "civil' branch.

GudBuilt Property is one of Australia’s top construction firms, known for its exceptional expertise and innovative approach. We excel in transforming ideas into reality across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

As a privately owned family business, GudBuilt specializes in construction development and excavation. Recently, we’ve expanded into civil construction, enhancing our capabilities. Backed by our sister company Endeavour Ceilings, which has served tier-one builders in Australia for over 25 years, we have extensive resources and expertise.

Our in-house machinery and operations ensure tight control over projects, enabling us to meet strict deadlines and maintain high-quality standards.